QuranTrans 2.0

QuranTrans is a simple translation in English of the Holy Quran

QuranTrans is a very simple tool that lets you read English translations of the Holy Quran on your Windows computer. It offers three different translation versions of the Holy Quran (by Yusuf Ali, by Pickthal and by Shakir). Navigating between these versions can be easily done, even for each individual verse, just by pressing the related letter key (Y, P or S).

This is a small and lightweight application that comes with a very simple interface. Though it has an installer, the program itself is actually an executable HTML Help file, which makes it compatible with a lot of operating systems.

Other noticeable features include a handy index that contains links to where specific words appear in the verses of the Holy Quran. I also like that at the end of each verse you can find a link to a popup window that contains the commentaries of Yusuf Ali for that verse.

In conclusion, I like that the fact that this tool is both simple and practical. It can help anyone who’s in need of an English translation of the Holy Quran.

Rory Shaffer
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Review summary


  • Simple and well-organized interface
  • Lets you browse the Quran by chapters
  • Provides three different translation versions of the Quran


  • The interface keeps switching to full screen every time I click a verse navigation key
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